On behalf of the International Association for Ambulatory Surgery. Welcome to our 3rdEuropean Congress!

The IAAS was formed in 1995, as a multi-national, multi-disciplinary organisation with the primary aim of promoting the worldwide development of high quality ambulatory surgery.

We are honoured to have our International Congress in Madrid this week. There are delegates from many countries within Europe but also others who have travelled from further afield to join us in this wonderful city. The local organising committee have ensured there is something for everyone in this extensive and outstanding congress programme with plenary sessions for current topics and specialty sessions for nurses, anaesthetists, surgeons and managers.

The IAAS promotes training, education, research...and friendship! We cater for the trainee practitioner as well as the expert, original research as well as considered opinion, and offer education for those new to ambulatory surgery and to those with more experience. We know than everyone will enjoy new ideas and concepts to take back to our own units after the congress has ended!

But most of all, we will meet old friends, and make new friends and fondly remember our time here in Madrid!

Douglas McWhinnie MD FRCS


International Association for Ambulatory Surgery

On behalf of the Portuguese Association of Ambulatory Surgery (APCA) and the IAAS, I would like to invite all professionals working in the field of Ambulatory Surgery to attend the 3rd European Congress of Ambulatory Surgery, which will take place from 19 to 21 April 2020 in Madrid, Spain.

Ambulatory Surgery has been one of the fastest growing areas in the world in health field and the involvement of all professionals working in this area will be one of the main factors for its success and maintenance of excellent results.

APCA and ASECMA started in 2012 a joint organization - Iberian Congress of Ambulatory Surgery - this is already a reference meeting in the Iberian Peninsula, which will allow the discussion and sharing of realities and experiences between the 2 countries.

This pioneering partnership between APCA and ASECMA has proved to be a winning bet and one that should continue in the future.

The 3rd European Congress and the 9th Iberian Congress of AS will surely be another excellent opportunity to rediscover friends and international references in the field of outpatient surgery, which will allow us to improve and continue to develop AS in the Iberian Peninsula and worldwide.

See you in Madrid, a fantastic city that will surely stand in the history of Ambulatory Surgery at the international level and will leave excellent memories in all its participants.

Dr. Carlos Magalhães

APCA President

IAAS Next President

Dear friends and colleagues,

On behalf of the Spanish Association for Ambulatory Surgery (ASECMA) is pleasure for me to invite you to the 3rd European Congress on Ambulatory Surgery, that will take place in Madrid in 2020, along with the 13th Spanish and 9th Iberian Congresses.

The International and Local Committees, both Organizing and Scientific, have been working to achieve an attractive Programme in a comfortable Congress venue. Moreover, the city of Madrid offers an excellent touristic destination, combining history and modernity. I have not any doubt you can enjoy the capital of Spain.

We hope for a significant participation and we are sure that we can reach a successful attendance. It will be an excellent opportunity to share experiences and to develop very interesting sessions. As it is expressed in the Topics of the Congress, we will discuss about concepts of ambulatory surgery and new procedures to be included in our basket.

I look forward to seeing you in Madrid.

Luis A. Hidalgo Grau

President of the Executive Committee of ASECMA.

Ambulatory surgery is the most practiced surgery in the world in a process of continuous expansion, incorporating procedures of greater complexity and at the same time maintaining the standards of quality and safety of the patient.

It is our privilege and pleasure to invite you to the 3rd European Congress of the International Association for Ambulatory Surgery, with the will be held in Madrid, from 19th to 21st April 2020. This congress represents an important challenge and opportunity as it coincides with the 13th ASECMA National Congress and 9th Iberian Congress, organized in collaboration with our colleagues from APCA.

The Organizing Committee objective is to provide a forum for professionals involve in ambulatory surgery to share their knowledge and expertise in the heart of Madrid.

We encourage participants to interact with other health experts for the benefit of patients, departments, professionals and research.

The Scientific Program includes lectures, interactive workshops, plenary sessions,problem-based learning discussion and poster presentations, covering the most current topics related to AS, including Innovation, new surgical and anesthetic trends and new technologies and controversial issues that are of interest to our audience. We will count on the presence of recognized presenters that are reference in this area worldwide. In addition, this European Congress is the perfect place to catch-up with old friends and build new connections and friendships.

The Organizing Committee invites everyone to visit Madrid, enjoy our fantastic city and share good times with friends and colleagues.

Matilde Zaballos

Vice-president Spanish Ambulatory Surgery Association

Estimados compañeros/as:

Como Presidente del Comité Organizador del IX Congreso Ibérico de Cirugía Mayor Ambulatoria, me complace darles la bienvenida e invitarles a participar del 19 al 21 de Abril 2020 en Madrid.

Se trata de un Congreso multidisciplinar en el cual contaremos con profesionales de contrastado prestigio a nivel nacional e internacional, en las diferentes áreas de cirugía, anestesia y enfermería.

El objetivo del congreso es dar respuesta a algunos de los retos que se enfrenta en la Cirugía Mayor Ambulatoria en la actualidad y para ello hemos elaborado un programa científico acorde, situando al paciente en el centro de nuestra Atención Sanitaria, priorizando la calidad científico-técnica, la eficiencia, la calidad percibida y la seguridad del paciente quirúrgico.

Hemos querido implicar y contar con todos los responsables del proceso asistencial, gestores, médicos, DUES, administrativos para poder dar una visión global y transversal del mismo. Para ello hemos diseñado formatos atractivos y novedosos de debate (mesas abiertas, ponencias, conferencias, modelos de interacción de los asistentes), que nos permitan aprender de los mejores y conocer lo que piensan los asistentes, con el objetivo de mejorar los resultados en salud de nuestros pacientes.

Creemos que es muy importante transmitir la importancia de la implementación de la Cirugía Mayor Ambulatoria en todo el territorio nacional lo que ayudará a la sostenibilidad de nuestro Sistema Nacional de Salud.

Queremos aprovechar la oportunidad para agradecer a la industria farmacéutica su ayuda y colaboración, imprescindible para sacar adelante este proyecto.

Para todos los que estamos organizando este Simposio será un verdadero placer compartirlo con vosotros.

Un cordial saludo. 

José Luis Porrero Carro

Presidente Comité Organizador IX Congreso Ibérico CMA

É com enorme entusiasmo que damos as boas vindas ao 3rd European Congress of the Internacional Association for Ambulatory Surgery, 13º Congresso Nacional de ASECMA e IX Congresso Ibérico de Cirurgia Mayor Ambulatória, que se decorrerá de 19 a 21 de abril de 2020 em Madrid.

Este congresso terá o apoio da Internacional Association for Ambulatory Surgery (IAAS), Asociación Española de Cirugía Mayor Ambulatoria (ASECMA), Asociación Española Cirujanos (AEC) e da Associação Portuguesa de Cirurgia Ambulatória (APCA).

Estarão presentes oradores Nacionais e Internacionais de grande relevância e prestígio, com temas da atualidade e de enorme interesse na Cirurgia Ambulatória.

Este congresso conta com um programa multidisciplinar, rico em temas nas Áreas de Anestesia, Cirurgia, Enfermagem e Gestão, estruturado em torno de tópicos nucleares da Cirurgia Ambulatória.

Para alem de personalidades de relevo que integram as comissões de Honra e Científica, contamos também com a participação ativa de todos.

A vossa presença constituirá certamente a chave de um congresso de sucesso.

Aproveito a oportunidade para visitarem a bela cidade de Madrid e apresentar os nossos cumprimentos.

Celia Castanheira

Presidente. Comité Organizador Congreso Ibérico